Saturday, October 24, 2015

Pollock painting party

A month or so ago I attended an amazing 30th birthday party for one of my friends and co-workers. She had a painting party at a studio in Austin called, Smudge Studios. It was beyond fun and so laid back. We were able to bring our own snacks and alcoholic beverages and the two ladies that were working with us were awesome. 

The first hour we mingled and snacked before we got messy! There are many types of parties you can chose from but my co-worker chose the Jackson Pollock themed party. The room that you paint in is covered in splattered canvases with hooks every few feet apart for you to hang your canvas frame on.
The ladies working there give us a short tutorial on how to use all of the objects that they had to paint with. They varied from large brushes to small brushes to fly swatters and spray bottles. Each object created a different texture on the canvas so it was helpful to see examples before we began. After that, they left the room and let us get artistic!! Oh, they also had smocks and other clothes to wear over yours and we definitely needed them as we all let out our teacher stress in the room! 

I'm completely in love with my completed piece and hung it in my living room after picking it up. (You have to leave it there to dry and then they contact you when it's ready for pick up.)

 If you are looking for a unique party idea for adults or children, you need to check out Smudge Studios in Austin or look for a studio like it near you!!

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