Saturday, January 30, 2016

Horseshoe Wine Rack

After picking through a box of "junk" at our friends antique shop and finding a bunch of old horse shoes, I knew what I wanted to make with them. I grew up with horses and I love to drink wine so I figured- why not mix the two! Surely there are more people like me that love wine and horses! And viola- this beautiful wine rack was created.
I had James grind down the horse shoes to make them look a little more shiny than they originally were. Some were pretty old and rusty and although I love things rustic, they were a little too rustic for my liking. 

We used a piece of pallet wood for the back and added a little stain to give it a good "pop"! The first rack we made I used a light pine stain and when we made a second rack, I decided to use a dark walnut stain. I love the way both of them turned out. It's really more about preference. 

Both racks sold pretty quickly- one at Jessie's store and the other on Etsy. We are always looking for more old horse shoes so we can continue making these beautiful pieces.


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