Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Math and Me Posters: Getting to know your students through math!!

It's that time of year for us teachers, students and parents... BACK TO SCHOOL!! I've actually been in school for about four weeks now (perks of teaching at a year round charter school) but for most of us in the south, the 2016/2017 school year has officially commenced! 

My favorite part about the first weeks of school was all of the getting to know you activities and community builders I was able to do with my class. After changing roles, those activities had to be adapted to meet the needs of my schedule and groups. And so, "Math and Me" was born. I had seen different versions and adaptations of this throughout the years but nothing was exactly what I was looking for so I just decided to create my own! 

My students completed these the first few sessions they came to me and I created one of my own along side them. Theirs found a place on my bulletin board for the first month of school and now they have become the first page in their math interactive notebooks. I love this activity because it not only helps me learn about my students but it incorporates math! Also, depending on the ability level of your students, they can get as creative as they would like with the numbers. For example, they can create an expression, write the number in expanded form, word form, make a number sentence, etc. 

You can download this activity for FREE in my tpt store! Happy Teaching!!!!


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