Sunday, July 17, 2016

Nursery Decor: Custom Order Fun!

I love it when people contact me to do custom orders for them. Mainly because they are usually so creative and different from anything I would have originally made and it gives me a chance to do something outside my norm. Sometimes I have seen the piece(s) they want on etsy or pinterest or instagram and I just scrolled by thinking, "that's so cute," or, "if I had some extra time I would totally make that." This was the case in my latest order. My old neighbor's daughter contacted me through etsy because I had made a few things for her in the past. She attached some pictures of what she was looking for and I was thrilled to get started! The best part about this project was that she allowed me to add and change things around and trusted my vision. 

The first piece was for her daughter's baby shower. They were going with the whole "baby woodland forest animals" theme and she loved this welcome sign she saw on pinterest. I changed up a few things and love the end result (she did as well)!
 My version 
 Next, I moved on to the signs she wanted for the nursery. These were probably some of my favorite pieces I have ever made. I just love the way the white pops with the dark walnut stain on the pallet wood and the plywood that I used for the quote signs.

My creations

Overall I am extremely happy with how everything turned out- which is rare for me. I typically find things that I don't like or wish I would have changed or done differently. I can't wait to receive the pictures of the signs hung up in the nursery. I'll be sure to share when they come in! 

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