Saturday, March 26, 2016

Metal and Wood

I had a few Etsy orders that needed to get done over Spring Break last week and I was in the groove so I decided to make a few new signs. You know that feeling when you're so motivated you don't want to stop and lose all that momentum? Well, that's where I was at so I knew it was now or never.

My old co-worker turned real-estate agent had given James and I this metal ampersand she made for our wedding (almost 4 years back) and I had been wanting to incorporate it into a pallet sign for months. I love the way that metal and wood look together and knew the rustic-ness of the ampersand would go perfectly with a blank sign I had previously made.

Now came the hard part- choosing the perfect quote. Obviously it had to have the word "and" in it and it was going up on my wall in the kitchen so I wanted it to be more about food, drinks, etc. rather than love and life and all those ooey-gooey kind of quotes. I had been searching for weeks when I came across two final contestants: "Life is what happens between coffee and wine" and "The best part of my day is coffee and you." Since my husband and I are both avid coffee drinkers (to the point where if there was rehab- we may need to attend) these two quotes were perfect. I sat on it for another couple of days- I told you it was a long process- and finally chose my quote.

I chose various sizes and fonts, stenciled it on, painted it white (thought about other colors but went back to trusty old white since it never disappoints) and merely hot glued the ampersand on. I couldn't be happier with the outcome. I'm so glad I waited and took the time to find all of the right elements to make this beautiful new piece for our home!

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