Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Beer Me!

Over the past few years I have actually begun to love beer. I’ve always been a Cabernet kinda gal but sometimes an ice cold IPA or Pilsner is in order. It's safe to say my newfound admiration of hops comes from my husband. He is always ordering craft beers when we are out to dinner or buying new 6-packs to try when we are at SPECS or HEB. So, when I was beginning my pallet creations my mind wandered to beer- I may have been sipping on one at the time but that’s beside the point. One of our close friends has a bottle opener screwed into the side of their kitchen cabinet and I always thought it was such a convenient idea, especially for a house with beer lovers. Obviously, re-selling bottle openers isn’t very creative so I decided to put a little spin on the idea and the custom pallet bottle opener was “born”.

I have made a few custom orders for close friends and family as well as a couple on Etsy. Some include; the state of West Virginia, the state of Texas in Longhorn burnt orange, a burnt orange Longhorn head (Hook 'Em Horns!) and a Texas State bear claw. 
I love making these because I know that they are special to the people who are ordering and/or receiving them. It’s something different and personal and there’s no better feeling than knowing you were the one who created it for them. If you can't get enough of these, check out my Etsy page and order one! You'd be utterly adored by the whomever you give it to!


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