Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Farm Fresh to Fancy

James and I are lucky enough to be friends with this amazing lady who owns an  antique shop in Paige, TX. If you are traveling down highway 290 you need to stop and check out her place. On second thought, it's worth making a trip to Paige just for that. Well, and stopping at the Roadhouse to grab a juicy burger too. A couple months ago James and I were over helping her unload a truck full of old treasures when this "farm fresh" hutch came rolling off the back. I knew I needed it, although I had no idea where I would put it, but let's face it, you can make room for the perfect piece. 

It needed a lot of TLC, dawn and a hose to get the "farm freshness" scent off. After scrubbing it down I noticed the white paint starting to chip and this beautiful teal color emerging from underneath. I knew I wanted more of this color! I began to chip away, with a screwdriver and a paint scraper, until my palms were red and blisters began to form. It still wasn't done after a few hours but I was loving the look of it. It took me about 5 hours to scrap it all off to my liking and then I had James pop the wooded door panels off and replace them with chicken wire from the local hardware store. I wanted something more to make it pop, so I added some decorative knobs that I got for 50% off at Hobby Lobby. Man do I love that store and their sales! When it was complete, I coated it with a little polyurethane for protection.

Whenever anyone comes to my house, it never fails that they are drawn to this piece. I love telling the story of the hard work and elbow grease I put in to making it beautiful once again and giving it a second chance.

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